Alamo lawns: we promise to leave your residential lawn nice and neat, weekly lawn mowing packages available.

nice and neat.

Our Work

Alamo will take care of all your landscaping needs for your home. We understand the importance of a nice lawn, manicured flower beds and beautiful patios. When our professional uniformed crew enters your property, our number one priority is to make sure that your property is respected. We don't play loud music, we park only in designated areas and we always clean up before we leave a job. We take as much pride in your property as we do our own, because we realize that the finished work is a reflection of our company's work ethic.

Take a look at some of our recent projects: 

Project One: A 6-week, custom-designed project of over 9,000 square feet. 

Project Two: Regular maintenance of mowing, trimming, and flower bed clean-ups.

Project Three: One-week remodeling project, custom-designed to fit around a gas pipe.

Project Four: Full day, custom-designed back yard fire pit. 

Project Five: Sod installation to site. 

Project Six: Renovation which includes cobble and river rock with bark, as well as staining and installation of fence. 

Project Seven: Installation of cobble rocks, seasonal annuals, bark, various plants and outdoor lighting fixtures. Pathway was created to driveway.

Project Eight: Clean-up of blackberry bushes.

Project Nine: Plant demolition.

Project Ten: One week project of moss removal throughout the entire court. 

Project Eleven: Roof and gutter clean-up

Project Twelve: Sod installation and front porch remodel.

Project Thirteen: Installation of over 3,500 square feet of sod. 

Project Fourteen: One week remodel. Custom-designed stairs as well as clean-up around the area.

Project Fifteen: Installation of retaining wall to expand the dirt to fence as well as grass seed spread.